Five Things You Should Do in the Morning to Prepare for a Kick-Ass Day!

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Happy Saturday!  These past couple months have been incredibly busy, and I’m excited to say that I’ve finally settled down a little and started blogging again.  Below are five tips you can do to set a positive, healthy tone to your day.

Prepare the night before.  If you have to be out of the house at a certain time, planning the night before could be a HUGE help.  Prepare things that would normally consume a portion of your time in the morning (e.g. clothes, meal prep, keeping your car keys by the door, etc.)

Drink a glass of cold water.  The first thing I do when I wake up is drink a glass of cold water.   Drinking chilled water is not only refreshing, but can also help rehydrate your body after waking up, boost your metabolism and lessen mood fluctuations.

Eat breakfast. Eating breakfast doesn’t have to be a feast, but it is important to have something to consume before walking out the door.  Just like drinking water, having breakfast can have health benefits and set the tone to your day.  Health benefits includes boosting your metabolism, increasing blood sugar to help the brain and muscles, and better memory and concentration.

Make a to-do list. Making a to-do list may sound like a daunting task, however, it can help organize your thoughts first thing in the morning.  When eating breakfast, I would start making lists of things that I would want to get done that day.  Writing them out or typing them on your phone works either way.

Watch or read something inspiring. Got a little more time? Try reading or watching something that inspires you to work harder and become better.

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