Burano, Italy


In the midst of May, my family and I took a ten day trip to Italy.  We started in Rome and headed north, driving along the western coast of this beautiful country.  There was a lot of breathtaking sceneries, quaint historical towns, and lots of heavenly tasting food and wine!

Although every town was unique and memorable, one of my most favorite stops was the Island of Burano – a thirty minute boat ride from Venice. Burano is a small island with colorful homes occupied by local Italians.



My family and I arrived shortly after a storm had ended.  There weren’t many tourists roaming the streets, which gave this island a more localized feel.  We went through wet corridors and walked over bridges fascinated by the beauty and peacefulness that this town had to offer.


We walked passed by small shops that sold handcrafted jewelry, lace, glass, and food.  Lacemaking is the main craftsmanship in Burano. Almost every store we walked by was selling beautifully woven lace. The shopkeepers selling lace were warm and friendly, and invited foreigners to see how lacemaking was done.

As my family and I head back to the docks to Venice, we saw the leaning bell tower in the distance.  I chuckled at the fact that the leaning tower of Pisa was not the only crooked tower in Italy.


Even in the midst of grey skies, the Island of Burano remains vibrant and beautiful.  As I reflect back on this trip, I feel a sense of gratitude for being able to travel to beautiful, artistic places like Burano, and  I hope to come back soon.